Kit do it yourself d'avril

Oekaki Dessert

A typically Japanese Do It Yourself kit!
Cook a strawberry flan, and draw a cute shape on it with chocolate and the stencil provided in the kit.
Re-use the stencil to decorate your cakes and pancakes!

Instructions are in Japanese, but the drawings on the back of the box explain to you how to proceed.
Following the drawings, refer to the following instructions:

You will need:

• the provided kit
• milk
• a small recipient, like a cup
• a spoon
• a plate

How to make it

1 Pour milk in the small cup provided with the kit, until the upper pink line.

2 In another recipient (a cup for example), mix the milk with the pink powder.

3 Put this recipient in the microwave, power 500W for one minute.

4 With a spoon, pour this mix in the cup you used in step 1. Let it cool a bit.
Then, place the cup with the pink mix in the fridge for 3 hours.


1 Your desert solidified! To decorate it, simply put the stencil on the top.

2 Place the small strainer provided with kit in a plate, and pour it the content of the brown sachet.

3 On top of your desert, strum the strainer to gently pour the cacao powder on your desert.

4 Take the stencil off.
Tadaaah !