Nobi-nobi-nobi~ru - Pineapple

Ramune like DIY candy that grows, grows, groooooows! Cosmic Pineapple flavor!

Instructions :

1) In the round container, pour water up to the mark and add the powder from the green bag. Mix well with the spoon to remove lumps.

2) Put 20 seconds in the microwave, power 500W, then mix at least 30 times with the spoon.

3) Put again in the microwave for 20 seconds power 500W, then mix again at least 10 times.

4) Add the powder from the blue bag and mix well again, about 50 times, until the mixture turns white. Then put the container in the refrigerator for 30 minutes (NB: cooled for too long the mixture can lose its elasticity)

5) Add eyes and grow the alien candy!

Watch the demonstration video here.

Allergen : milk, egg